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Cabrillo Pharmacy (Rating: 4.9) [146 N Brent St, Ventura, CA 93003, United States | (805) 643-9939 |]

I’ve been a customer at Cabrillo Pharmacy for a while now, and I’m extremely satisfied with the staff’s service. After transferring my prescriptions here, I always feel that it is made sure I receive my medicines on time and with care!

Ok, like first of all, this pharmacy is very understaffed. They always have a huge line. The wait is probably from 20-30 minutes or more. My experience here has been so frustrating the technicians never want to call your insurance or doctor’s office to confirm prescriptions. They insist that I call them, which leads to an ongoing circle that takes all day, and then I end up leaving empty-handed. My INSURANCE and My DOCTOR have advised me to switch to another pharmacy. This one won’t break the cycle; I think they’re overwhelmed and just wanting to move the line faster and not caring if their customers actually get their medications at the end of the day.

InfusionRx (Rating: 4.5) [1833 Portola Rd Suite K,L, Ventura, CA 93003, United States | (805) 981-2500 |]

I took my husband to InfusionRx to get a vaccination. From the very beginning, Karina (the pharmacy tech), greeted us with a friendly smile and conversation and helped us fill out the necessary paperwork. She checked in on him often while waiting to make sure he was comfortable. The pharmacist, Jeanette, was very friendly and professional. She explained everything thoroughly to my husband prior to receiving the vaccination, in between doing consultations for people picking up prescriptions. Both Karina and Jeanette checked in on my husband after he received his vaccination to make sure he was ok. He was impressed by how much care and attention they gave him, which made him feel so special. I highly recommend this pharmacy to anyone who needs any type of shot.

My family has been using this pharmacy forever. You don’t have many drug stores like this anymore. Very friendly staff, and I love that you can shop while waiting for your medication. They also have a good selection of apparel and other items.

Seena Pharmacy (Rating: 4.7) [3901 Las Posas Rd #101, Camarillo, CA 93010, United States | (805) 419-2686 |]

Don’t go through the drive-thru at this location. I had almost 5 head-on collisions because people cut thru. There are no do not enter signs up, nor are there any arrows on the pavement. This is a very dangerous situation. It has happened to other people I know. I spoke to the manager about it, but nothing has been done about it. I can use the Seena Pharmacy drive-thru safely. They have two big signs up that say in red letters. Do not enter!

Great pharmacy that I’ve used for the last 8yrs for my son and myself.. I never had an issue with getting any of our meds.. They always go above and beyond when I’m late at getting my medications.. I definitely recommend this pharmacy..

Vu Pharmacy (Rating: 4.2) [424 Arneill Rd suite d, Camarillo, CA 93010, United States | (805) 383-8340 |]

Absolutely love this Vu Pharmacy! Everyone is so friendly, and they greet you by name. Love that feeling. They call me personally to see if I need my meds filled then by an automated system. I suggest this pharmacy to everyone I can. <3

Called looking for a drawing Sab. I was transferred three times before I was told by the third person to hold on. She would go look well. I was about 5 min away, so I stopped in, and to my surprise, the lady that was supposed to be helping me was in an aisle stocking the shelf I had been hung up on as soon as I walked thru the front door. When I approached her and asked if she had the item I was looking for, she said they were out but couldn’t tell me the aisle it was to be on or why she hung up on me.